I am not a student at Murray Edwards, Trinity Hall, Fitzwilliam, or Newnham. Can I still apply?

Does it matter which Faculty I belong to?

Is the programme open to postgraduate students?

I want to do the summer research project, but I can’t attend the other parts of the programme. Can I still apply?

I don’t have any research or leadership experience. Can I still apply?


How will my application be assessed?

How do I find a Research Supervisor?

When will I find out if my application has been successful?

Can I apply again if I’m unsuccessful the first time?

Can I join an already established research project within the University or use the same project as my optional dissertation?

Does my Research Supervisor have to be a fellow of my home college?

Does my research project have to be related to my degree programme?


Will I have to pay fees to participate? Is funding means tested? How much funding will I receive?

How will I receive the stipend? When is it paid out?

Will I be provided with accommodation during the summer?

Programme details

What time commitment is involved? Will the programme be too much alongside my studies?

I plan to do an internship or take a job over the summer. Can I still participate in the programme?

Are the dates of the summer projects flexible?

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